A podcast where two movie aficionados discuss film, old and new, with a complete an utter newbie that, most of the time, has no idea what he's talking about. Every episode, the experts give the newbie a movie to watch, then they talk about it.
The inspiration for the podcast came from chats that we had at hawker centres in Singapore where we'd sip on big boy tigers and munch on roti prata. We would talk about a lot of things, like football, life, video games and movies. Like most millennials, we believed that our conversations were good enough to be a podcast, thus The Movie Newbie was born.
After about a year of just talking about it, we finally launched the podcast, partly because we were all stuck at home self-isolating.

The Experts:
Raphael Lecat
Oliver Mangham

The Newbie: 
Jabriel AlSuhaimi

Edited & Produced by

Jabriel AlSuhaimi

If you work in the Film & TV industry, studied acting, film or theatre, or if you're just a movie enthusiast, DM us on instagram! We'd love to hear your thoughts!